The following are questions that are most often asked by a TKA student and/or parent who are in the college search/application process along with the answers to these questions.

Where should I begin the search?
Begin with a self-assessment. Consider all possibilities and keep your options and mind open. Keep in mind such factors as school size, location, proximity to home, private vs. public, Christian vs. secular, history, culture and coed vs. single-sex. As you weigh these factors, compile a list.
When should I begin?
It’s never too early to begin. At any age, as you travel, take time to visit college campuses in the vicinity. The more on-campus time you spend, the easier it will be to assess your preferences. If you haven’t started already, begin in September of your junior year. This will allow you and your parents enough time to research colleges and schedule campus visits. Plan to attend meetings with college representatives that visit TKA.
Do I need to decide on my major before I apply?
No, many students apply as undecided. If you have a special area of interest or expertise (i. e. engineering, computer science, fine arts, music, architecture, etc), you will want to consider schools that offer these courses of study.
How many schools should I choose for my list?
There is no magic number; however, we generally recommend applying to five schools. The most important factor is to develop a list that reflects your interests, your credentials, and your dreams.
Generally, a well-constructed college list includes school from the following three categories: “stretch” schools (based on your GPA, test scores and overall record), “target” schools (a school where you’re a typical candidate where most, but not all, are admitted) and “safety” schools (where you are virtually assured admission). Please note that you should be happy to go to any one of the colleges on this list.
When should I begin completing the applications?
Many colleges have their on-line applications ready in August. It is a good idea to read through the application, paying particular attention to the essay questions and begin working on your essays. Thoughtful essays take time. Be sure you make note of all application deadlines and make sure to have your application and Transcript Request Form, to the College Counseling Office at least one month prior to the college’s deadline.
Which admission plan should I choose?
Standard or Regular Admission: Regular decision means that applications and supporting documents must be submitted by a date set by the individual school. These dates vary from November 30 through March 15. Notification of admission is in the spring of the senior year, usually around April 1.
Early Decision:This program was designed for students with a definite first choice. As an early decision applicant, you are signing a binding agreement stating that if you are accepted, you will withdraw the remainder of your applications and attend that particular school. You may only apply to one school under the early decisions plan, although you may simultaneously apply to other institutions under alternate admission plans (i. e. regular, early action, rolling admission).
Early Action: This program is similar to early decision; however, you are not required to attend if accepted and may continue to apply to other schools at the same time. Under this plan, a candidate may be accepted, denied, or deferred to the regular admission pool. Notification letters are mailed in December and January.
Rolling Admission: Schools that use rolling admission act on an application as soon as it is complete. The student will be notified of a decision within weeks upon receipt of all information. These institutions will continue to accept students until they reach their enrollment capacity. For this reason, it is best to apply as early as possible during your senior year.
When are applications due to the College Counseling Office?
The TKA deadline for all rolling, Early Action and Early Decision applications is October 15. December 1 is the deadline for all other applications. However, please be aware that all applications are due to the College Counseling Office at least one month prior to the college’s deadline or when you would like for your application packet to reach your college.
How do I request an official King's Academy transcript?
All requests for TKA transcripts (official or unofficial) are made through the Transcript Request Form. You can obtain the Transcript Request Form by coming to the College Counseling Office or download and print the form from this website and send it to the College Counseling Office via mail or fax.
How do I schedule an appointment with my College Counselor?
You can either call or email your college counselor directly or see Mrs. Scarola to schedule an appointment for you.
When are financial aid forms due?
You may begin submitting your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms as early as October 1 by going to www.fafsa.ed.gov. The CSS PROFILE can be submitted starting in October and can be found at www.collegeboard.org. Be sure to check which colleges require this form along with the FAFSA.
When and how do I send my SAT and ACT Scores?
When you take your ACT test, SAT Reasoning Test or SAT Subject Tests, you will list the code numbers of the colleges to which you wish to send your scores. If you did not list the codes when you first took the test, then you will need to go online to www.act.org (for ACT) or www.collegeboard.com (for SAT) and follow the prompts to send your scores.

The King’s Academy CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) number is 101821