Homeschool Policies & Restrictions

Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in the Homeschool Partnership Program.

Homeschool Partnership students requiring assistance in selecting & enrolling in coursework should contact the Registrar’s office:


Krista Mills

561-686-4244 ext. 337

Homeschool Partnership students may take 2 or 3 courses on-campus. Students may choose from any available course(s), so long as all courses are in consecutive order. Homeschool Partnership students are limited to one Study Hall per semester. Homeschool Partnership students are required to attend any non-instructional activity taking place in-between their consecutive course load (ex. lunch / chapel), and are not permitted to leave campus between classes.

Additional fees may apply to specialized courses including (but not limited to) AP, Fine Arts, and Learning Strategies. Homeschool Partnership students & families should contact the business office for up-to-date course fee structures.

Homeschool Partnership students may participate in extra-curricular activities, including (but not limited to) athletics, fine arts productions, student life activities, standardized testing events, community service offerings, school musicals etc. Homeschool Partnership students are also allowed to appear in the yearbook and in senior pictures and other media publications. Homeschool Partnership students are also generally eligible to attend grade-level appropriate school trips (i.e. – field trips / college visits etc.), but may not participate in the Senior Trip.

Staying informed of the requirements, deadlines, and details of activities and events, along with the cost or fees associated with additional offerings is the sole responsibility of the Homeschool Partnership student and family. Fees charged to Homeschool Partnership students may be more than fees charged to traditional students. For example, Fine Arts fees are double that of traditional domestic students.

Students must take a minimum of two courses on campus to be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities.  At least one course must be “academic” in nature.


3-Dimensional Studio Art I


Band IV Symphonic


Des & Prod: Lighting & Sound


Jazz Ensemble IV Painting I


Team Sports I


Acting II


Band VI – Wind Symphony


Digital Cinema Production I


Journalism I Lion Ledger




Tech Theater: Des & Prod I


Acting IV


Beginning Percussion


Digital Cinema Production II


Journalism II Elem Yearbook


Personal Fitness & Health


Visual Technologies I
Administrative Office Technology I Chorus V (9th Grade Girls)


Drawing I


Journalism III HS Yearbook




Dance Techniques I
AP Studio Art 2-D Design


Critical Thinking ESL


Instrumental Ensemble I


Learning Strategies


Piano II


Vocal Ensemble IV




Dance Techniques II


Instrumental Ensemble II


Musical Theater III




Vocal Techniques IV


Art I Creating 2-Dimentional Art


Dance Techniques III


Instrumental Techniques I – IV


Orchestra I and II Strings


Portfolio Development Drawing


Acting I
Band I


Dance Techniques IV


Introduction to Education


Orchestra IV Strings




Weight Training I-III

In order to obtain & maintain athletic eligibility compliance, Homeschool Partnership students must properly fill out meet all requirements of the EL7 and may not attend another institution for their remaining coursework (exception: FLVS).

Homeschool Partnership students who earn 6 or more credits from The King’s Academy will be invited to participate (“walk”) in the commencement ceremony and will receive a certificate of program participation. Final approval of participation in the commencement ceremony is at the sole discretion of TKA administration.

Homeschool Partnership students are not permitted to receive any type of track designation (business / engineering / conservatory etc.) as the program is not designed for Homeschool Partnership students to receive a traditional diploma from TKA.

Homeschool Partnership students are not permitted to have access to the academic counseling services provided by the 7th – 10th grade Academic Counselor or the College Counseling team.