International Student Program

Each year, The King’s Academy welcomes students from around the world. Your role serving as a host family is one of the most important components of this program. TKA views you as professional partners in the international student’s education, serving as part of a team with the parents in the home country, teachers, students, and administration. We depend on your loving care, parental discernment and confidential, professional communication with the school as we educate these students and bring them up in a Christian context. It is important that the host family and teachers view each child as a unique creation of God and seek to aid the student in developing his/her gifts and abilities to their highest potential based on a proper understanding and acceptance of himself/herself and how God has made them. (Psalm 139:13, 14)

Eileen Sandersen-Lee
Associate Director of International Learning
Telephone: (561) 686-4244, Ext. 373


Host Family

Respite Care Provider



For more information, or to become a host family, contact: Eileen Sandersen-lee at (561) 686-4244, Ext. 373